SKGE Education is an appellation that merges with a lofty and beneficial goal that intends to bring in a revolution in the different strata of the society on the fiery wings of education. Located in the heart of New Delhi, SKGE Education does make it a point to reach out to scores of people with the power of education.

Since its auspicious inception SKGE Education has continued to strive to its utmost capacity in order to spread the light of education among the sections of the society where it is more like a dire necessity. The major driving force working behind this beneficial entity is to do something good to the human race with the true light of education. At SKGE Education we strongly believe that having proper and enhanced education is a birthright to all and we would do all in our power to see that no one is deprived from this birth right.

All our schedules are prepared as well as maintained in such a fashion that the downtrodden sections of the society get to have the best advantage out of our programmers. It has been ensured that highly classified and streamlined education gets to people in an affordable fashion.

For more details and to continue receiving our enriched services make it sure to touch base with us without any further delay. It will be a pleasure to be of assistance to you. We would beseech you to be a part of the glorious and beneficial goal and the rave dream which encapsulates the essence of SKGE Education.

SKGE Institute of Global Education was established under the society of Jan Kalyan Shiksha Samiti. The aim of SKGE Institute of Global Education is to provide education regarding Computer Courses & technical training for all Students. That offers ample job opportunity and a secure future. The journey begins with vocational course in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Today we offer courses on laptop repairing, mobile repairing, computer hardware and networking, all Software courses etc.

The main function of the society is to provide higher technical education in nominal charges for every group of society of Urban & Rural areas all over India and get success in computer revolution which is the main dream of India Govt.

We have more than 20+ business partners in Delhi/NCR and UP. Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified institute, we have developed all our training modules based on quality training and 100% student satisfaction.

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Address : Opp SRK PG College Firozabad - 283203

Contact: +91 - 9457 776 157, +91 9690 650 735